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HiKOKI RP3608DB Multi Volt Cleaner with Bluetooth

  • HiKOKI, HiKOKI RP3608DB Multi Volt Cleaner with Bluetooth
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HiKOKI RP3608DB Multi Volt Cleaner with Bluetooth

HiKOKI the new name for Hitachi Power Tools

Supplied without batteries and charger

L class dust extractor with High efficiency brushless motor, Bluetooth connectivity links to cordless tools.

  • Connected tool automatically starts/ stops the cleaner
  • Bluetooth connection has auto power off after 2 hours
  • High maximum airflow equivalent to mains powered tools
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  • Can be operated with one or two batteries
  • 3 power modes - Eco, Standard and Turbo
  • Long hose for greater flexibility
  • Compatible with ET36A mains adapter for even longer run time


  • Usage – Dry only
  • Voltage – 36V x 2 (batteries not supplied)
  • Bluetooth communication distance – 10m
  • Maximum airflow – 3.5m3/min
  • Maximum vacuum – 20.1kPa
  • Continuous Operating Time (2 x BSL36B18) – Turbo: 9 mins | Standard: 33 mins | Eco: 75 mins
  • Effective dust volume – 8.0 litres
  • Dust class – L
  • Hose length – 5.0 m
  • Dimensions – 331 x 369 x 382 mm


  • RP3608DB
  • 5.0 meter hose
  • Adapter
  • 10 plastic bags
  • Supplied without batteries and charger

Multi Volt System - AC Power DC Freedom

A new generation battery system, which has almost the same size and weight as the 18V battery, but it's the technology inside that provides you with the improvements you need. The double voltage contributes to an optimal power, and without the hassle of cords. Also, the Multi Volt is compatible with almost every HiKOKI cordless tool, which means you can easily switch from one power tool to another, regardless the voltage. so you're just a simple click away from maximum performance.

Product Code: HIK-RP3608DBJ4Z


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